Welcome Back!!

Please read for our Covid Protocols

  • When you arrive, please still continue to text or call (540) 659-8140 to let us know you have arrived.
  • Stay in your car until a staff member comes to get you.
  • Discharges and medication pick ups will still be serviced car-side.
  • We are only allowing one (1) person per pet with a maximum of 2 people per appointment inside. This is to maintain some social distancing as our exam rooms were not designed with this in mind. Please maintain as much social distancing in the exam room as possible. If you have more than one person with you, or small children that will not wear a mask, we are happy to still service you car-side.
  • Masks are required if you are entering the building.
  • A staff  member will guide you through the check out process after your appointment to prevent congestion in the lobby.

We are monitoring the situation with the delta strain of COVID 19 closely.  Our policy may change as conditions and CDC recommendations change.