My pathway to Veterinary Medicine started as a very young child, fostered by my supportive parents and siblings as I accumulated various dogs and cats over the years. The world of animals was my haven, and James Herriot my hero.
As a graduate of Oklahoma State University, I believe that being a veterinarian is not limited to just interacting with animals though. I also communicate and incorporate the family into the treatment plan for the pet. My “Gold Standard” is to above all else, do no harm.

I have had the privilege of working at AGAH for my entire career. I have chosen to work strictly in outpatient care as my joy comes from working with the pets and their family. Many of my long-term clients have become my extended family. I have been with them during the good and bad times, both personally and professionally. I thank them for this gift and consider my life well spent on continuing in this manner for years to come.

Currently my daughter is, of course, the center of my universe. She shares with me a love for all of God’s creatures. We share our home with Taggerung, her sleek black male cat who always keeps us both thoroughly entertained.